Terms & Conditions

ICHI Baking Supplies Service Agreement General Terms and Conditions

We are ICHI Baking Supplies (collectively referred to as “we","the e-shop", "the company" or "Ichi Cake") and we own and operate the site www.ichi-cake.com (collectively referred to as"the e-shop", "our site" or " ichi-cake.com ").

Our site offers online shopping service and provides delivery services. Please read these terms carefully before using this website.

By using this website or any part thereof, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. We may update this posting from time to time to amend these terms and conditions.

The revised terms will take effect from the posting date.

1. You are required to register with us when you use the services or place an order. By registering, you are making a statement, upon which you agree and have already read the Terms.

2. When registering, you must:

(i) provide accurate, complete and up-to-date registration information;

(ii) ensure that the personal username and password are properly maintained;

3. If there is any change to the information you have registered, please let us know so that we can effectively contact you.

4. In the event that we have reasonable suspicion that any information and material supplied by you to us for registration is untrue, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete and etc., we have absolute discretion to cancel any order made by you and/or terminate/cancel your registration with us and in such circumstances, you hereby agree not to raise any claim against us for whatsoever compensation and reliefs.

Ichi Baking Supplies Terms and Conditions for Membership

1. All ICHI Baking Supplies( Hong Kong) Membership agree to fully comply with the Terms & Conditions under ICHI Baking Supplies membership program.

2. Anyone can register for our online membership. For online members, his/her membership will be renewed as Basic shop membership once accumulates specified amount net spending (Renewal procedure is required). 

The validity of online membership and VIP membership are permanent.

3. Basic Shop Membership is valid for 1 year and will be automatically renewed for another 1 year if accumulate spending reaches at specified amount within the valid 1-year membership period. specified amount of points will be consumed for membership renewal in order to maintain membership status as active.

4. Online members / Basic members / VIP members earn the number of i-coins equaling to the amount of net spending; Every 200 i-coins can be used as HK$1. (For example: 1,000 i-coins = HK$5)

5. i-coins are only available for purchasing retail and E-shop. (i-coins cannot be exchanged or redeemed in any way for cash)

6. If online members / VIP members renew his/her membership before the validity of membership ended, the membership and unused i-coins will be invalid.

7. "Birthday Gift" offer will be given when Basic members and VIP members purchase in his/her birthday month.

8. ICHI Baking Supplies reserves the right to invalid any unused i-coins.

9. Members can exchange valid i-coins for products, or spend his/her valid i-coins as dollars when purchasing. Items which are paid in full / partial through i-coins are strictly not allowed for exchange or return.

10. The ICHI Baking Supplies membership is strictly non-transferable to other individual or party. We reserves the right to terminate or suspend the membership if there are doubts to the member’s account without any prior notice.

11. All members are responsible for notification on their change of personal information to ICHI Baking Supplies will not be responsible for any loss of benefits, privileges, or results related to points due to any discrepancy in member’s information.

12. ICHI Baking Supplies reserves the right to alter and amend any of the Terms of Conditions of Ichi Baking Supplies membership program, including any or all of the benefits, or to terminate it at any time without any prior notice.

13. Members need to notify ICHI Baking Supplies if there are any problems regarding the point balance within 30 days of transaction. You may send any other queries or loss of ICHI Baking Supplies membership card to info@ichi-cake.com

14. ICHI Baking Supplies will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of lost or stolen ICHI Baking Supplies membership card. ICHI Baking Supplies reserves the right to withdraw the points from the member account if such transaction occurs and is not obligated to make compensation to any party.

15. All members of ICHI Baking Supplies agree to collection, use, or share of their information and card usage by ICHI Baking Supplies. In addition, members agree to the retaining of information related to purchases and disclosure of information deemed appropriate by ICHI Baking Supplies.

16. In case of any legal dispute, the decision of ICHI Baking Supplies shall remain final. I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions under ICHI Baking Supplies Terms and Conditions for Membership

17. In case of any discrepancies or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.