Pre-Order 65L Multifunctional Wall Oven(FCPO6213PTMX)

Product Code:20009

Net Capacity:尺寸:W59.4*D53.5*H59.4cm
stock position:需預訂
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Multifunction Wall Oven 多功能壁掛爐- CREACTIVE operating system /創意操作系統- Energy Class A+ /能源A+級- Finish: Touch proof fingerprint resistant stainless steel /表面處理:防指紋觸摸不銹鋼Performance/ 性能-Special Pizza mode at 350°C / 350°C的特殊簿餅模式-16 modes / 16種模式- Automatic cooking with pre-selected and customisable recipes (weight, cooking time, temperature)/ 使用預定和可自定義的食譜自動烹飪(重量,烹飪時間,溫度)-BOOST to rapidly reach the pre-selected temperature / 提升以快速達到預選溫度-Self-cleaning with PYROLYSIS / 熱解自清潔Features/ 特徵-Control panel with touch controls / 帶觸摸控制的控制面板-Pyro-grey enamel inner oven (nickel-free) / 焦灰色搪瓷內膽(無鎳)- Internal lighting / 內部照明-Internal capacity 65 litres / 內部容量65升Safety / 安全-Cool touch door (< 50°C) with 4 panes of glass / 帶4塊玻璃的冷觸門(<50°C)-Oven door with automatic safety lock during self-cleaning cycle/ 烤箱門在自動清潔過程中具有自動安全鎖-Control panel with safety lock / 帶安全鎖的控制面板- 2 speed tangential cooling ventilation / 2速切向冷卻通風- Smoke catalyst / 煙霧催化劑